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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

can you handle it?

A commonly overlooked spot to clean in the kitchen is the refrigerator handle. It takes only seconds to wipe down this bacteria-friendly handle with any common household disinfectant. I always make sure to clean mine before guests come over, just ask Lindy Sue!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

got gossip?

Lindy Sue's was recently featured in the Thrifty Boutique Gossipaway. Sandra L. from Texas will receive Lindy Sue's Come Clean Kit - Travel Edition, for being the first one to correctly guess who wore the three featured pairs of sassy shoes on Oscar's Red Carpet. Congratulations Sandra L!

according to Betty...

Betty Crocker, in her Cookbook published in 1950 states, "If you're tired from overwork, Household chores you're bound to shirk. Read these pointers tried and true, And discover what to do." Today's pointer: Notice humorous and interesting incidents to relate at dinnertime, etc. Thanks Betty. More pointers to come.

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