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Friday, May 26, 2006

life-saving tips for your swimsuit

Swimwear is exposed to many destructive elements: sand, sun, salt water, body oils, lotions and worst of all, sweat. (Eeek!)

Here are some laundry care tips from Lindy Sue to help extend the durability of your swimsuit:

"After each wear, hand wash swimsuit in cold water with mild soap. After every 3 - 4 wears, machine washing your swimsuit is key. For best results, place your swimsuit in Lindy Sue's durable Dainties bag and wash in the gentle cycle. Dry in the shade to retain swimsuit color. Do not bleach, iron, dry clean or tumble dry."

And lastly, rolling your swimsuit up in a towel or storing it while wet will only serve to ruin your suit... and break Lindy Sue's little heart!

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