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Sunday, November 05, 2006

why didn't I use my lindy sue bags?

Take it from me -- always pack your Lindy Sue "Wash & Wear Bags" or your "Dainties Bag" -- even if you're only traveling for one night! If you don't have them, get them!! Here's what happened to me: I was at Oakland Airport. I had carefully followed all TSA rules and had lotions, etc., in an "authorized" baggie. But because I was only gone for one night, I left my underwear loose in my overnight bag. The TSA agent thought she saw something in my bag, so pulled me over and started pawing through my stuff. Granted, she was nice and she wore plastic gloves, but it still gave me the willies.

My first thought was: Damn! Why didn't I use my Lindy Sue Wash & Wear Bags! I'm never leaving home without them again.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

swag bag giveaway!

Lindy Sue will send a Swag Bag (just like the one Heidi is carrying), to the first person to identify correctly the town where this photo of Heidi and her dog Trapper, was taken. Need a hint? Gretchen is golden in this town. Send an email to Lindy Sue with your answer.

sweet little bling

Holly has great taste, and specializes in unique "objets trouves" on her blog, Sweet Little Bling. True, she discovered Lindy Sue's Mod Gift Tags, which is how we found her. Stop by to see her latest find.

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